The Bark of the Bald Cypress

I had the privilege of learning about bark of the Bald Cypress while visiting Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge in Decatur, Alabama. The Bald Cypress wood is rot-resistant and its strength enables it to withstand strong winds without overturning.

Grove of the Bald Cypress at Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

Plus, according the National Wildlife Refuge, “Since they tend to grow along rivers and in wetlands, they are excellent at soaking up floodwaters and preventing erosion. They also trap pollutants and prevent them from spreading.”

Some of us struggle with baldness and balding, but as for the Bald Cypress, Being bald isn’t bad; it’s a benefit!

I enjoy participating in the Travel Theme Challenge hosted by Where’s My Backpack  This week’s theme is “Bark

Join in my  monthly challenge called TRAVEL BLESSINGS. This link gives details. Your stories are treasured and you have a platform to share.


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